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Coolumns Classic is an original, new type of logic game. The game has simple and absolutely clear
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3 August 2002

Editor's review

Christmas gets closer and closer each day. What to do during the holidays apart from doing last-minute shopping and exchanging Christmas gifts? Have fun playing computer games, certainly! Well, it's high time you treated yourself with a new puzzle game - Coolumns Classic.
Coolumns Classic is a tile-based logic game. The tiles go up and up, eventually reaching the top of the playfield, and your goal is to keep them down by placing four tiles of the same color horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The string of tiles will then disappear and tiles that are higher will fall downwards in their place. You can only move the top tile on each column - that makes the task more difficult. If one of the tile columns reaches the top, the game is over.
There are four levels of difficulty as well as different backgrounds, tile patterns and playfield skins for you to choose from, not to mention ten background music pieces. The trial version lets you play the game for a few times only, pausing to display a nag window. Try it today and check it out yourself.

Publisher's description

Coolumns Classic is an original, new type of logic game. The game has simple and absolutely clear gameplay. You will find a set of various progressively difficult skill levels, adjustable and distensible graphic and music. So, Coolumns-family games starts with demure and seemingly quite safe for your own time (the worst mistake!) Coolumns Classic game, where chips do their best in climbing upwards along vertical columns and you're hard pressed for the living space... One cannot describe in words the depth of this whirlpool called "Coolumns Classic", the power of its addictive challenging stream, logical perfection of each level and their maturity playability - you must try it yourself!
Coolumns Classic
Coolumns Classic
Version 1.03
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